New in version 0.10.

Ganeti Web Manager supports LDAP authentication through the use of django-auth-ldap and python-ldap. A fabric command has been written to easily handle enabling and disabling LDAP support.


In order to use python-ldap a couple of system level packages need to be installed first.

For a Debian based systems:
  • libldap2-dev
  • libsasl2-dev
For a Red Hat based systems:
  • openldap-devel


To deploy Ganeti Web Manager with LDAP

  1. Copy ldap_settings.py.dist to ldap_settings.py.

    $ cp ldap_settings.py.dist ldap_settings.py
  2. Change ldap_settings.py to fit your LDAP configuration.

    $ vi ldap_settings.py


    ldap_settings.py.dist has been thoroughly commented so that external documentation shouldn’t be needed. If you have specific questions about options or want an overview of the package, please consult the django-auth-ldap documentation.

  3. Run the fabric command to enable LDAP in settings:

    $ fab ldap

fab ldap installs django-auth-ldap and python-ldap and takes care of the commenting and uncommenting the lines in settings.py that handle LDAP imports.


If you would like to later disable LDAP support, all that is required is to run:

$ fab ldap:disable


This will remove django-auth-ldap and python-ldap but will not remove the system specific dependencies.

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