Working With GitΒΆ

This page holds a list of some helpful git commands. Several of them were borrowed from Mislav’s Blog

git remote show origin

Find out what branches are tracked, configured for pull, configured for push, and are ‘up to date’.

git fetch

Update local references to remote branches.

git log -p

View each commits changes.

git log -m -S”search text”

Search through commits for commit messages containing the text = “search text”.

git reset –soft HEAD

Accidentally added the wrong file to the index? This command will reset the current head to HEAD and keep your changes.

git reset –hard HEAD

Remove all your changes and reset the current head to HEAD.

git commit –amend

Change the commit message of the most recent commit.


Add a single file or directory to the index. If a directory is specified all files that are new or have been changed under that directory are added.

git commit

Open up the editor specified by git.editor to review changes and add a message. If no message is given, then the commit is aborted. Commit takes effect once the file is written.

git commit -m “COMMIT MESSAGE”

Commit changes with the message “COMMIT MESSAGE”.

git cherry -v BRANCH

Will list the commits that are part of the current branch, and not part of BRANCH

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