Open Registration

Ganeti Web Manager versions 0.8 and above allow you to choose whether users can create their own accounts, or need to be added by an administrator.

The default setting for registration is open, which means that visitors to your site’s login page can follow a link from the login page to create their own accounts.


The “Not a member?” link takes the user to the registration page:


The user is emailed a password and a confirmation link, then has an account on your site. Users can also be added by a site admin by selecting the users link in the admin toolbar, then using the Add User button to reach the user creation form.

Closing Registration

In some contexts, users should not be able to create their own accounts. To implement this, simply change the ALLOW_OPEN_REGISTRATION setting in your file to False:

# Whether users should be able to create their own accounts.
# False if accounts can only be created by admins.

This setting is currently located near line 203, below the registration email settings.

Result of closed registration

The “Not a member?” link is hidden from users on the login page. If they navigate to the <SITE_ROOT>/accounts/register page, they will see this message instead of the account creation form:


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