Operating system

We officially support Ubuntu 11.10, Ubuntu 12.04 and CentOS 6. Ganeti Web Manager is also known to work on Debian 7 and CentOS 5.

More on compatibility page.


  • sudo

  • Python >= 2.6

  • Python Virtualenv

  • git

These dependencies are required to install Ganeti Web Manager via installation script. Follow up to installation instructions.


All database dependencies are installed automatically during run. All you need is sudo priviledge. If you have any issues, please refer to Django database documentation.

If you, for any reason, want to install these database dependencies on your own, here’s the list:


requires MySQL-python package installed within virtual environment, which in turn requires libmysqlclient18 on Ubuntu/Debian and mysql-libs on CentOS.


requires psycopg2 package installed within virtual environment, which in turn requires libpq5 on Ubuntu/Debian and postgresql-libs on CentOS.

If you’re using the script these database dependencies should be installed for you. But if it runs into errors, these are the dependencies needed.


LDAP dependencies can be found on the LDAP dependencies page.


VNCAuthProxy, is used to connect the VNC web frontend to a Ganeti VM’s VNC Console. This project is built on twisted and for encryption requires openssl and FFI development headers.

On CentOS, the OpenSSL package is openssl-devel and on Ubuntu/Debian its libssl-dev. The LibFFI package is libffi-devel on CentOS and libffi-dev on Ubuntu/Debian.

These packages are necessary to install VNCAuthProxy and should be installed before the setup script is run.