Cluster Read Only Mode

It is possible to add a cluster with only its hostname and port number, and no username and password credentials. This creates a copy of the cluster and its VMs in your local Ganeti Web Manager database without giving you the ability to change the cluster itself.

In Read-Only mode, you CAN:

  • Assign ownership of VMs to GWM users from the Orphans page
  • Delete VMs from your Ganeti Webmanager database from the Missing VMs page
  • Import nodes to your database or delete nodes from it
  • Assign permissions to users on the cluster or VM (note that although you can assign VM create permission to a user or group, they cannot actually create a VM in read-only mode)
  • Edit the cluster, so that you can go back and add username/password credentials and gain full privileges on it later.
  • Delete the record of the cluster from your database (Note: This does not affect the actual cluster)
  • Record a default quotas for Virtual CPUs, Disk Space, and Memory
  • Change the cluster’s slug (the name of the cluster as it appears in the url: <hostname>/cluster/<slug>/<vm>)

In Read-Only mode, you can NOT:

  • Redistribute the cluster’s configuration
  • Start, stop, or reinstall a VM
  • Migrate or change disks
  • Access a VM’s console
  • Create a new VM on the cluster

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