Managing Clusters

Ganeti RAPI users and passwords

Before you can start using Ganeti Web Manager you will need to create a user and password on the Ganeti cluster.

Create MD5 hash

Here is an example with a user jack and password abc123

echo -n 'jack:Ganeti Remote API:abc123' | openssl md5

Add user to Ganeti cluster

Add the hash to /var/lib/ganeti/rapi_users on all the nodes in the cluster and restart ganeti-rapi. Here’s an example using above: For ganeti 2.4 and above you need use file /var/lib/ganeti/rapi/users

# Hashed password for jack
jack {HA1}54c12257ee9be413f2f3182435514aae write

For more information on adding users, please check the Ganeti RAPI documentation

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