The issue tracker for Ganeti Web Manager is on Github. All bugs and feature requests for Ganeti Web Manager should be tracked there. Please create an issue for any bug, feature, or translation you wish to contribute or report.

Please follow this guide when filing new issues for Ganeti Web Manager.


When submitting an issue, the description should generally include the following:

  • Exactly what the submitter did to encounter the situation
  • What the submitter expected to happen
  • What actually happened

Depending on the issue, knowing details about the operating system or web browser being used may be helpful.

In addition to these points, bug reports should also include any relevant information with regard to attempted fixes or workarounds as well as any other effects the bug may have on the software. Any patches which resolve or work around bugs are also appreciated, if only to help developers understand the scope of the bug.


There are several “trackers” or categories of issues that can be filed.


Bugs are well...bugs. Things that are broken. Pieces of the project that don’t work as expected.


Features are enhancements to the project that implement a new functionality. They are generally referenced with a phrase like “The ability to...”.


Enhancements are updates to existing features. They are not errors encountered in features, but improve the functionality or usability of a feature.


Status reflects where a ticket stands in the filing process.

This issue is new and we haven’t begun work on it, possibly haven’t even decided whether we will work on it.
In Progress
We are working on this issue.
Won’t Fix
This is a legitimate issue, but we’ve decided that it is not something we can or will work on
This issue is actually a duplicate of an exisiting issue
We can’t work on this issue until another issue is resolved
We’ve worked on this issue, or made some comments on it, and assigned it to someone for their feedback.
We’ve completed work on this issue.
This is actually an issue with some package or library we depend on.
We are done with this issue.
We don’t think this is a legitimate issue, and reject it entirely
Can’t Reproduce
We believe you, but we can’t reproduce the behavior this issue refers to, so we can’t do anything with it


How important it is for us to get this issue fixed.

  • Low
  • Normal
  • High
  • Urgent
  • Blocker


Categories simply describe the general area or topic of an issue, categories may change with time depending on the project’s needs.


An estimation of how hard a bug, feature, or enhancement will be and how long it may take.

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard