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Google Summer of Code 2013

Google Code In 2010

Other Contributors

Included Projects

Release Tarballs include noVNC by Joel Martin.

Search function uses Haystack by Daniel Lindsley.

Haystack search uses Whoosh by Matt Chaput.

Icons are from Silk set by Mark James.

MonkeyPatcher is used from testtools, written by Jonathan M. Lange and the testtool authors. It is seperately licensed under the MIT License.

The testtools authors are:

  • Canonical Ltd
  • Twisted Matrix Labs
  • Jonathan Lange
  • Robert Collins
  • Andrew Bennetts
  • Benjamin Peterson
  • Jamu Kakar
  • James Westby
  • Martin [gz]
  • Michael Hudson-Doyle
  • Aaron Bentley
  • Christian Kampka
  • Gavin Panella
  • Martin Pool

and are collectively referred to as “testtools developers”.